George S. Dodge, BS, BA, MA, MS
Colonel, U.S. Army Ret.

Barbara A. Dodge, BA, MS

Fr. Anthony Mastroeni, JD

Matthew Akers, Esq. JD

Joseph Strada, PhD.
Captain, U.S. Navy Ret.

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Our Way of Life

Silence ~ Perfection for a religious consists in her union with the Heart of Christ, however, she will never achieve this greatly desired union if she does not detach herself from a dissipation of heart and spirit and try to habitually recollect herself and become a truly interior person. Because silence is the soul of this interior life, “the religious will never speak without real necessity.” - Constitutions

The Cloister ~ The cloister, according to our Mother Foundress, is the necessary condition for a profound life of prayer which allows the religious to truly dwell in the Heart of Christ. The religious are not the ones that must go out of the convent, but rather it is the immense Love of the Heart of Christ that He has entrusted to us which must radiate and transform all those who come in contact with us.

The Rule ~ Everything is oriented to cultivate an interior life and maintain oneself in constant union with Our Lord. The Constitutions and Rules indicate the way for the religious to reach Christ, however, one must always remember that they are a means to achieve the goal; never should they become the principle “end” of the religious life.


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