George S. Dodge, BS, BA, MA, MS
Colonel, U.S. Army Ret.

Barbara A. Dodge, BA, MS

Fr. Anthony Mastroeni, JD

Matthew Akers, Esq. JD

Joseph Strada, PhD.
Captain, U.S. Navy Ret.

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The vocation of every Christian is to become a saint; we are all called to holiness. However, a consecrated religious gives her heart totally to God in a more radical way, witnessing with her life the reality of the union between Christ and His Bride the Church. The Lord is a Spouse who lovingly calls His brides to follow Him completely “alone with the Alone.” The road is at times full of joys and consolations, at other times it is a road of pure faith and abandonment: He permits everything so that His spouse may have a soul, transparent as crystal without any shadows, so that she may be a lamp that burns with His Light. When a person carries Jesus in her heart, her very life becomes a miracle and despite the difficulties, the trials, and all the evil that man, left to himself, brings into this world, she is able to see the marvels of the Lord’s Love. A vocation is a gift received, a calling to a life that
alone, relying on our own strength, we cannot live. It is the Lord who places in our hearts a love so great that nothing can overcome it. If you feel in the depths of your heart that Jesus wants you all for Himself, do not make Him wait, do not debate with the “pros” and “cons.” Any vocation must be embraced with generosity and abnegation; it is an adventure that one lives day by day with the Lord.


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